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Joel Waldie Music

JW Tent & Sound



Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose us?

   JW Music is an independently owned business, committed to maintaining a high standard of customer satisfaction. When booking or enquiring, you deal directly with the owner. Not only are you support local small business, but you can ensure your needs are personally met every step of the way.

Do the tents need to be on grass?

   In short, yes. These are somewhat large tents and heavy duty steel augers are used to keep them securely in the ground. Manitoba's climate is rather windy, however circumstantial exceptions can occur. Please contact if you are looking to setup on non-grass surface.

Do you operate in rural Manitoba?

   Yes; The rate is $ .50 per travel Km outside of Winnipeg. JW Tent & Sound is based solely in Winnipeg, so service only extends within 100 km of city limits.


DJ/Live Performance:

   Music requirements are often quite personal and thus rates vary depending on venue/event's requirements. 

* Please contact for rates

Can the tents handle heavy wind?

   The party tents are secured by 36 inch steel augers, which if secured properly, can withstand a lot. However there is a natural limit to safe winds at which points humans are required to head indoors for personal safety. Canopies can be damaged under extreme circumstances; safety always comes first when deciding whether or not to set up under potentially turbulent weather.

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