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JW Tent & Sound


JW Tent and Sound


Shield yourself from harsh UV rays and pouring rain, all while enjoying the outdoors; with a 400-1200 square foot party tent!

Shelter your merchandise with a booth-sized Canopy tent Or combine & mix/match a variety sizes to meet your exact needs

Info & Pricing 2023 prices and big tent.jpg

Lights & Sound System 

Lights: Summer Days in MB are nice and long. However, if your event plans to run into the night, we can provide you with multiple lighting options; Basic, Focused, and Party

(please contact for more details)

Sound: Outdoor events often require sound systems. Make a few speeches and announcements with a basic PA system, or have a band/DJ perform with a full system up to 1000 Watts! 

*Please contact for a quote!

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